A live, interactive game show in Baltimore, MD

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a pub quiz meets game shows meets mario party!

The Game Show Gauntlet is Baltimore's coolest trivia night! Teams of 3 to 10 compete in a number of mini-game challenges based on game shows from around the world! It's not just trivia—word games, games of luck, games of dexterity and more are in play. You don't need to be know everything to win!

how to play the game show gauntlet

The object of the Game Show Gauntlet is to be the team with the highest score at the end of the game. Score is kept using dollars, but no real money is awarded during normal gameplay.

The Game Show Gauntlet is played with a maximum of six teams. Each team must have at least 3 players, and no more than 10. The first six teams to arrive and check in with the host will play. Anyone who arrives after six teams are registered will be absorbed by other teams.

Teams will play one at a time. During a team's turn, they will be assigned a random game show mini game by the Game Show Gauntlet. The host will inform them of what genre the gameplay is and how many people are needed to play.

Some games are Team Games and require the whole team to play. Other games are Individual Games and will require one, two, or three players from the team to play. In Individual games, every player on a team must play once before a player may play again.

All games are played for a maximum of $1,000 a game.

At the start of each game, each team will receive one Challenge Gem. These Gems allow teams to challenge each other.

If a team decides they're a bit far behind or they think another team's a bit too far ahead, they can choose to challenge a team. During their team's turn, a team can turn in their Challenge Gem and nominate another team. Those teams will go head-to-head in a special Challenge game.

The team that wins the Challenge game will steal $1,000 from the losing team.

House Rules
Any players playing a game are not allowed to use their cell phones.

Unless otherwise specified, teammates are not allowed to confer with each other while playing a game.

All trivia is deemed accurate at game time. Any discrepancies in material or judging should be taken up during halftime or when the Results screen is showing.